My Grandpa is Groovy

Here’s some video of Henry and his grandpa interacting and communicating during his visit. Henry also exhibits his newest skill: waving.

4 thoughts on “My Grandpa is Groovy

  1. The video of Henry and his groovy grandpa is so cute. The t-shirt is groovy, too! Love Henry’s new skill – Waving! Noticed he waved with his left hand, and wondered if he might take after his dad and be a leftie. Does Henry try to eat with his left hand, or his right? Also love his cute yawn. Well, I admit to being a admiring granny of everything Henry does!

    • My dad was also speculating that he might be left-handed because he’d often reach for toys with his left. I still see him using both hands regularly so I think it might be a little early to tell yet.

      • Yep, you’re right, Mark. You were between 12 & 15 mos when I realized you were most likely left-handed, because when in your high chair, that’s the hand you used to grab onto your food. You were cute! As cute as Henry? Well, I’d have to think hard about that 🙂

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