Waking from a Nap

I still like to take a small nap with the boy from time to time. When I say time to time, I really mean every day if I can. He will only be this small once and I need my snuggle time while I can get it. Unbeknownst to me, Mark was snapping some photos as Henry woke up from our Saturday nap. He usually has a smiley demeanor when he first wakes in the morning and from a nap. I guess this is another way he is a lot like his mom, cranky at night and happy in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Waking from a Nap

  1. My new favorite ! I just love this, from Jacqui’s peaceful sleeping face to Henry’s stretching and happy awakening on seeing his Daddy’s face looking down at him. Henry’s so photogenic! I want to kiss that sweet face and those chubby, cute little feet ! Love ya’ll, Gran Lois

  2. I miss napping with my babies, all they do now is kick and steal the covers. Andrew would wake up with beautiful blond curls and look like a little cherub. Enjoy all the zzz’s you can get! Love and miss you all!

  3. These are really sweet. Sweet sister, with sweet baby. Its funny cuz some of the first memories I have of Jacqui when she was a baby were seeing her sleeping. She would always wake up with one side of her head all sweaty and matted curls. Now when Mae wakes up all sweaty I say she is just like her ‘aunt jackets’ 🙂

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