Tax Day

Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year again. Hope you’re entitled to a refund or at least don’t have to cough up too much. Anyway, here’s another photo of our little dependant:


7 thoughts on “Tax Day

  1. You know, that would be a great idea to come up with money if you owe. Sit little darling Henry there next to a guitar case. Who could resist tossing in some change.

  2. Glad to such a sweet innocent face on a day like today. Helps renew my spirit and soul to see such a sweet angel.

  3. What a cute photo of our darling Henry! But I’m wondering, where is he, what bldg is he sitting on the step of? Just curious. Looks like he’s wearing the beautiful monogrammed sweater from Cousin Michelle & Aunt Cheryl. Love ya’ll so very much. Gran Lois

    • Henry was getting a little squirmy on the way back from Jacqui’s office and Chinatown. He just needed a break from being in the stroller so we sat on the cast iron steps of a building in our neighborhood for a moment before heading back to our apt.

      • Oh, okay, Thanks for satisfying my curiosity about the location. I see that Henry can sit up straight all by himself now. Go, Henry! Love, Mom

  4. I agree with you, Terra. With all that’s wrong in the world, it’s good to be able to go to the website and see our beautiful, sweet Henry. Always cheering and uplifting to my spirit as well.

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