Sunday Afternoon

We had a relatively uneventful weekend, but our friend John did stop by for a visit on Sunday and Henry keeps us busy every day.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

  1. That picture of him and John eating really makes me laugh. Looks like nice weather and a nice day. Lucky baby boy. 🙂

  2. What a funny photo of Henry & John at lunch together! Glad your friend had a chance to visit ya’ll. Thanks for the fun posts!

  3. PS – Loved the “round & round” video of our pride and joy, and liked hearing your voice talking to Henry, Mark. Since my eyes aren’t that great, it took me a while to read the t-shirt, with Henry bouncing around in his cute bouncer. I think it said, “Pinch me – I’m cute.” Although at first I thought it said “Punch me” and I didn’t like that one bit ! Wish I were there to pinch that cute face (very gently of course) and squish that sweet little body in a giant hug! Love, Grandma Lois

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