Sunday in Queens


After some playtime in the morning, we took the subway to our friend Eamonn’s apt. in L.I.C., Queens on Sunday afternoon and visited with Mimi, Jon and Carrie too. Henry brought his duck along for backup.

As we’ve seen previously, Henry enjoys a profound connection to the music of Glenn Frey’s solo career.

5 thoughts on “Sunday in Queens

  1. Great photos and video – I loved them all. In the subway photos I can just feel how much Henry is loved and protected by his mom and the photographer, his daddy! The video of Jacqui singing to Henry is so sweet, he really responds to her voice. And of course he totally trusts his daddy in the upside down photos. I guess all daddies play a little rough with their baby boys, and maybe all moms are just a bit anxious about it. Anyway, I was, even though I knew your dad wasn’t going to drop his beloved sons. Glad ya’ll got to visit your good buddies in Queens. Last night I was on the phone with Honorary Grandma Betty and we were both going on about how adorable Henry is!

    • Lois, just a little funny sidenote, that was Mark singing to Henry. He has a pretty good voice for being such a goofy guy.

      • Oh, I guess I saw your lips moving and thought it was you, Jacqui. Plus my hearing’s not so good any more. When I played it again, I realized it was Mark singing. And I agree with Jacqui – good voice, Mark ! On the 2nd listen, I realized what song it was with the words, “you belong to the city” I enjoyed hearing you sing almost as much as Henry & Jacqui did!

  2. Henry doesn’t really need our protection in the subway. I remind you that he belongs both to the city and to the night.

    He was born in the city, concrete under his feet. It’s in his moves, it’s in his blood. He’s a man of the street.

    • Mark, after all these years, you can still make me laugh! That’s right, the words in the song do say, “you belong to the city, you belong to the night”. I don’t know the rest of the words, but I suspect they’re in your reply, word for word. So our 7 mos old Henry is “a man of the street” and can protect himself in the subway. Wow, how advanced he is ! (in addition to being the cutest subway rider ever!) Love, Mom

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