Hi Mom!

Another video for his faraway mom, featuring Henry in a hyper mood, kicking and sorta crawling upon returning to our apt. after daycare:

3 thoughts on “Hi Mom!

  1. My new favorite video ! Absolutely love his sweet face & his voice is quite emphatic! Looks like Henry & Daddy are doing fine together, even with missing Mommy tonite. But I have a problem – I need another word for cute – I need a thesaurus, ’cause I need many words for cute ! In fact “cute” just doesn’t cover it ! And I see he’s practically crawling – go, Henry! Pretty soon ya’ll will be chasing him all over the place and he’ll be pulling down the trash can & the pots & pans. Love from an enthralled, in-love-with-Henry Grandma!

    • That is funny Lois! I often want to comment and then I think- I feel like I have already said how ‘cute’ he is and reverberated it so many times, I need some new word that describes just the extent of how darn ‘cute’ he is!!! I just love seeing him so much and hearing his little squeals and laughs and the way he loves that dang blue duck so much! 🙂

      • I agree, Julie, and speaking of cute, I hope your own little cutie, Mae, is doing great. Also, wanted to mention what a beautiful young woman your daughter Ona is. And cousin Kaylie is also a lovely young girl. I enjoyed the photos of their NYC visit very much. PS-yes, I, too love the blue duck that Henry’s attached to, it’s well……so cute!

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