Never Shake a Baby (Unless He’s Got Rhythm)

Here’s some video from the archives when Henry was about four months old and learning to dance. It’s amazing how much more alert, engaged and responsive (meaning loud) he’s become since then.

2 thoughts on “Never Shake a Baby (Unless He’s Got Rhythm)

  1. If looking back on only months and reminiscing already makes me this sad, imagine how I will be when he is 18 or 21. Wow! Good to have these videos though and much to look forward to as he continues to grow and change and say funny things.

  2. This is adorable, yes it really is amazing how much Henry’s grown & changed since then. And how much louder his voice is! But he was born to dance, so when he’s 18 he might be dancing on Broadway:) I do know what you mean, Jacqui, the time does go by fast, but I can see by the website that you & Mark are enjoying every minute with your precious son. Thanks for the post. Love ya’ll. Sending hugs & kisses, so share with Henry ! I loved the part in this video where Jacqui planted a big kiss on Henry’s sweet face.

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