A No Hat Kind of Day

Henry can already dictate what he will and won’t wear. Yesterday he decided against the hat. The tie was part of the shirt, so he couldn’t take that off.


4 thoughts on “A No Hat Kind of Day

    • I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. He knows a lot about the camera already. His life might be one big reality show if we aren’t careful.

  1. I love the Tee, I made those for Gaige, Dax, Britton and Peyton. It was such fun but really hard! Can’t wait…you guys will b here soon. Love you.

    • Do you make this one? I think Gram brought it when he was very first born, but I couldn’t remember who it was from. By the time he fit into it, I just knew it had come from Wyoming. It is really cute and I got many compliments on it.

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