Pool Boy

Henry has really improved at his swim class. He went from a screaming baby in the pool to, I think, actually really enjoying it. His skills in the pool have improved on a weekly basis as well. This is thanks to a great teacher, but also a boy who has become more fearless in the pool. He has learned to float and realize when to hold his breath in preparation for going under water. He kicks and splashes too. It is amazing how babies learn from visual cues. Guess I won’t flip him the bird anymore.


Henry and me through the glass saying hi to Mark. He was able to catch the end of class today.

4 thoughts on “Pool Boy

  1. Why is it that babies look even more cute when they are wet? Something about the long eyelashes. He looks to be a pro and these are super sweet. You also look so pretty Jackets. 🙂

  2. I ditto Juj in that you both look sweet. Motherhood suits you so well Jacqui, you just glow with happiness!

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with Henry’s swimming abilities at only 8 mos! So glad you’re taking him to the lessons, Jacqui. And the photo Mark took thru the glass of Jacqui with Henry wrapped up in the frog towel is one of my all-time favorites !

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