Henry’s First Trip

Henrys_First_TripVisitors to this site may notice that it’s been about a week since the previous post. That’s because Henry and I flew to Wyoming last Wednesday. It was Henry’s first overnight trip and his first time meeting the majority of my family. My grandma organized a nice welcome dinner on Saturday so everyone could meet him. Unfortunately Henry spent most of the time fighting the sniffles and what appeared to be either allergies or a small cold. He didn’t get to spend too much time with the family, but there are a few snapshots of him trying to join the party.

We got home late Tuesday night. I will post more photos tomorrow. It was a long day of driving and flying. Henry did fine on both flights, but got pretty restless towards the end and I could tell he was pretty excited to be back with his dad, not that he didn’t love meeting his family in Wyoming. Time for bed.


Henry and me after landing in Denver. Henry did very well on his first plane ride. The two women sitting next to me said they were on their way to Laramie too. They were from Brooklyn and the daughter took this photo.

5 thoughts on “Henry’s First Trip

  1. What a sweet smile cousin Mae has looking at Henry. They’re both adorable! I know all of your family must have really enjoyed being with Henry and getting to actually hug him! So nice of your Gram to plan a family get-together while ya’ll were there. Glad ya’ll are safely back home and hope Henry’s getting over his sniffles. Love & hugs from Grandma Lois

  2. MARK!!!! I love your graphic for this post with the Wyo and New York! you need to make me a logo for my products. You are pretty talented. Thanks for sharing your family last week, I am sure you missed them a lot, but we sure enjoyed them immensely.

    Jacket, we miss you already and love you and your little man so so much. Glad we got to spend so much time together and hope Henry gets feeling better. I am sure he is happy to be home and in his element. Love to you all!!!

      • I was so busy looking at the photos I didn’t notice the graphic until seeing Julie’s comment. It is really great, Mark, the way you combined the letters that New York & Wyoming share and the rest of the logo is neat, too. I agree with Julie, you’re very creative ! So tell your boss your mom says you deserve a raise !

  3. Yeah, I miss the Boy. Wish we could just keep him. Next time, we’ll teach him to ride horses and rope steers and all the stuff we do here. teehee

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