Finally…A Tooth

Today when Henry was biting on my finger I noticed it actually hurt and I felt something sharp…a tooth has finally come through. After months of speculation and often using teething as an excuse for his crankiness at various times, alas, the big moment has arrived. He is becoming a man before our very eyes. A very exciting time indeed.
Henry is all over our small apartment now. Currently, his favorite place to be seems to be standing at the coffee table clearing off the magazines and papers and messing with dad’s computer.


6 thoughts on “Finally…A Tooth

  1. Thanks for all the great photos! A tooth! Exciting news! I wonder, is it a top or a bottom tooth? He’s such a cutie, exploring all around the apt now. Guess ya’ll are having to baby proof the cabinets, etc. I love the telephone photos & can remember my own babies having similar toy phones. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a toy smart phone! Well, he’ll prob. have a real smart phone by age 5 ! So much fun for me to see Henry changing and growing so much. Miss ya’ll and love ya’ll very much! Mom/Grandma Lois PS – our boy’s hair really looks red in the stroller photo & he looks older in his “big boy” shorts.

    • Thanks for clarifying the big first tooth event, Mark, and Happy First Father’s Day ! Hard to believe “my baby” now has a baby, and what a cutie he is! I hope ya’ll are doing something nice for Dad’s Day and can post another photo of Henry soon. I love each & every one ! Love,Mom

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