Under the Weather

Henry has been a bit under the weather since Sunday night. It is hard to say what is wrong. Monday, I picked him up early from daycare with a temperature. He has been coughing, but only at night. We will continue to monitor him and see how Wednesday goes. He is still pretty happy for the most part, but as Maryellen said, “probably at about 80% and not really being himself.”


4 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. I can tell from looking at Henry that he’s not feeling well, poor sweetheart. I’ll pray for him to feel better soon. Love him so much. Pls. keep us posted. Love, Grandma Lois

    • You’re right, the image corresponds to the post. But even when he’s under the weather, he’s often smiling and still pretty active. I guess the “80% himself” comment is accurate, this particular photo just illustrates that other 20%.

  2. Oh that dear baby. He has those eyes that always tell how he is feeling. Hope it passes soon and that it doesn’t end up being asthma or allergy related. We sure have a long line of that in our boys in this fam. Love to you all. I will pray for little Henry.

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