9 thoughts on “Mango Pop

  1. Another adorable photo of Henry, Mark! I love mango flavored juice and that ice cream bar looks so delicious and cool, I plan to go out and buy some, which I guess might make me a “Mango Maw-Maw!” Good Luck being on your own again with Henry for a few days. I know Jacqui must miss ya’ll, but Henry is always in good hands with his “Mango Pop.” Love, Mom

  2. PS – I was shopping for groceries yesterday and since it’s 100 degrees in Houston, I felt entirely justified purchasing a box of mango bars. Forgot to try one, but will do so tomorrow which I think will be the 3rd 100 degree day in a row here. I’ll think about our Henry as I enjoy my mango bar ! :Love from Mango Maw-Maw

  3. We only have to endure occasional heat waves that don’t have quite the intensity or duration of the Gulf Coast summer weather. Hope you’re able to stay cool down there!

    • Thanks, Sweetie. I’m glad it’s not as hot in NYC. Well, the weatherman promised us rain for this past weekend, but not a drop fell here. Finally got a short shower this a.m. Seeing this photo again reminds me I again forgot to eat my mango bar -gotta go!

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