Daycare Celebration

I attended Henry’s daycare celebration yesterday. The celebration is actually a graduation party for the older children who will be moving on to pre-school in the fall. It is also a reunion of sorts for former children who attended Soho Childcare. It is really a family affair as many families have several children who all spent years with Maryellen. Henry is one of the youngest, so he still has a ways to go before graduating, but I am continually grateful to have found such a great place for my boy.

Henry at his daycare celebration hangin' with the older kids.

Henry at his daycare celebration hangin’ with a former grad (to the left of Henry) and older attendee (standing).

4 thoughts on “Daycare Celebration

  1. I agree Gram. So happy I prolonged my search way back when. He actually misses it when he is not there and gets very excited when we walk in every morning.

  2. I too am grateful that baby cakes is in a place where he is well cared for. Those are hard to find and one really seldom knows what goes on after the child is dropped off. My kids have nightmares of Vashti’s house ;-(

  3. Just to chime in with my agreement & gratitude that you found such a great daycare for Henry, Jacqui. He looks so happy in the photo interacting with the other kids.

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