Fourth of July


We had some friends over on the Fourth to celebrate and watch the fireworks from the rooftop.

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Absolutely love all the recent photos ! Thanks so much for the posts, and Happy 4th of July weekend ! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time up on the roof. We saw some of your NYC fireworks display on TV & thought of ya’ll, wondering if ya’ll were watching. Love & miss all 3 of you so much ! Mom & John Mark

    • Thanks Lois. It was pretty fun to watch the fireworks, but Henry didn’t understand what all the excitement was about. He was very interested in the glow sticks our friends brought for everyone. It was a fun time overall though.

      • Yes, I love the glow sticks myself. So much better and safer for kids than sparklers. I enjoyed watching NYC’s & Wash. DC’s and Houston’s fireworks on TV, and some right outside my door in Katy, TX. Glad ya’ll had such a fun party !

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