Green Goatee

We’ve been trying to expose Henry to a wider variety of foods lately. Recently Jacqui brought home some avocados intending to make a plain, mild guacamole for him to try. In the meantime I came across a recipe in another blog for an Avocado Coconut Smoothie. It’s not specifically intended as baby food but happens to be perfect for someone with only one tooth. Henry enjoyed it and I’d recommend it for adult tastes too.


Put the avocado in the coconut and drink it all up.

4 thoughts on “Green Goatee

  1. How beautiful our Henry is, even with a green moustache & goatee! His eyes look grey now, what color are they? Ya’ll are doing a great job introducing Henry to different foods! He’ll be a gourmet eater like your dad, who I recall eons ago told me he’d bought some chocolate covered ants at a specialty store. As for me, I love both avocado & coconut, but don’t think I’d like a green smoothie. I know – weird !

    • We’re trying to introduce new foods, with mixed results. He liked the avocado coconut smoothie but sometimes wrinkles his nose, spits out or otherwise rejects a lot of new things at first. But we keep trying – Jacqui especially.

      Just like his hair color, Henry’s eyes appear to be a different color in various lighting. I would say they’re a dark blueish gray. The blue is most noticeable in sunlight.

      • Yes, I think you’re right about the colors of Henry’s eyes & hair changing depending on the light. Your brother Chris’ eyes are like that. They sometimes look hazel and sometimes green depending on the light. The strange thing is, I remember Chris having brown eyes when younger.
        Ya’ll are doing good, exposing Henry to different tastes. I think he’ll be more likely to eat various foods if exposed to them at a young age.

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