6 thoughts on “On the Waterfront

  1. Every time I see a picture of Henry I see how much he is growing! He is a beautiful baby and just adorable.

    • I agree completely, Betty. Can’t believe how much he’s grown and in my unbiased opinion, he’s the cutest baby boy in America, no make that, in the world !

  2. Mark forgot to mention how mom has to walk away and not look when dad takes photos of Henry standing alone, NEXT TO WATER. I don’t want Henry to be fearful of things, but I still find it a bit unnerving to watch him stand alone in places like this.

  3. I wondered how you would feel about it jackets. I know I would be freaking out and had imagined you standing right outside the shot fretting. love you.

    • Well, Jacqui & Julie, I’m glad ya’ll said it first or I wouldn’t have admitted it, but my first “Grandma instinct” on seeing the photo was wanting to grab him up AWAY FROM THE RIVER ! My second more rational thought was that of course Henry’s loving parents were within arms reach so there wasn’t any actual danger of a swim in the East River. Good photo, Mark ! Love, Mom/Gran Lois

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