Saturdays in the Park

There is a nice little playground a few blocks up the street called Washington Market Park. Henry is not quite able to climb around on the equipment yet, but most of the time he gets excited simply watching other kids play. He feels very proud of himself when he can stand, hold on to the bars and scream to voice his excitement.

Henry tries to climb up the steps at the playground. He will be very excited when he can walk around on the steps and climb all over by himself.

5 thoughts on “Saturdays in the Park

  1. Great playground & photos! I can just feel Henry’s excitement and his eagerness to join in and climb all over the playground equipment by himself. Thanks so much for the posts. Henry looks so adorable in his Wyoming t-shirt. Now we (Mark’s family) will want to join in and send him New Orleans & TX t-shirts, too 🙂

  2. PS – in the sunlight Henry’s hair matches yours exactly, Jacqui. Anyone would know which kid was yours!

    • His hair looks different in every light. Although I don’t often see red, I am seeing lots of blonde streaks lately.

  3. I think it was the 13th of July 🙂 Man that sweet smile melts me every time! Miss him (and you all) something awful!

  4. Glad you know the song Terra. I would guess you would sing along to it like you used to in the car when we were little. Miss you and love you too. Hope you had fun at the lake.

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