At his age, Henry always seems inevitably drawn to the most hazardous situation possible. In our apartment, that’s usually in the kitchen with all of it’s cutlery, glassware, heat and potential toxins under the sink. So we finally put up a gate to keep him out, but that’s made it even more alluring because now it’s officially forbidden territory.




8 thoughts on “Gatecrasher

  1. This post really made me laugh! What a priceless expression on little “barred” Henry’s face. I agree that it’s best to keep him out of there, but I bet he screams bloody murder at being excluded, esp. if his mommy or daddy is in the kitchen. Mark, when you were a baby, we put up a gate between the kitchen/TV area and the living room to keep you out of the living room. However, the gate was one of those wood lattice design stretch gates and the doorway was about 5-6 feet across. With the gate stretched this much it left a crawl space underneath big enough for a determined baby to crawl under. Later, we used it to try keeping Skippy out of the living area with the same poor results. Babies & dogs rule !

  2. PS – to honor Henry’s French heritage, since he’s named for his French great-grandpa, Happy 1st Bastille Day! (July 14th) Vive la France! And of course, God bless America, too. Such a great 4th of July celebration ya’ll had, up on the roof.

      • Mark, you still crack me up! Here I am, looking at Henry’s website at 1:20 am & laughing out loud at your comment. OK, I agree, Henry’s storming the Bastille, and with that fierce look on his face, he’ll be victorious! “Allons, mes enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrive!”

  3. That is a very recent facial expression and quite funny because he also breathes loud while making it. He sounds a bit like a puppy. He is very expressive lately. We saw people celebrating Bastille Day the other day on our walk home from work/daycare. I thought “Henry will want to celebrate this someday.”

    • I bet Henry must be so funny making this face, he is really expressive! Yes, he just might one day celebrate July 14 as well as July 4th. Years ago in New Orleans, I worked with a girl who loved everything French and asked me to go have a drink with her after work to celebrate Bastille Day. She was a quirky, but very sweet girl, so we did go & raise a glass to the French. I didn’t realize there were folks in NYC who celebrated this day, but of course there’s folks from everywhere there, just as in Houston. Plus, any excuse for a celebration! Love ya’ll, Lois

  4. Those faces he is making shows so much expression, a person just wants to pick him up and hug him and give him a million kisses.

    • Yes, Betty, we give him more than a million kisses a day. Gotta get them while you can. They get older and won’t let you kiss them anymore…or so I am told.

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