Henry’s feeling much better and has made a full recovery from his illness earlier in the week. Yesterday he even attended his swimming class. Yesterday was also our third wedding anniversary (first one as parents, of course), so we treated ourselves to a rare night out and splurged on dinner. Our friend, Mimi filled in on short notice as a sitter for Henry and she later reported that he was pretty well behaved. Thanks again, Mimi.

3 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. So happy Henry’s fully recovered ! And again, Happy 3rd Anniversary ! So glad your friend Mimi could babysit Henry so ya’ll could go out together to celebrate. Love, Mom, John Mark & Uncle Chris (who is still here working in Houston).

  2. I missed the Anniversary one…and obviously your Anniversary. I hope you had a grand time. Much love and congratulations sent your way.

  3. So glad you guys had a nice time, the food looks wonderful. You both look great and congratulations on your anniversary. Henry has great parents and is lucky to have you both together and showing so much love and respect for each other. Love you all!!

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