Grazing in the Grass

While Jacqui’s on one of her trips to Chicago for work, I’ve been taking Henry to and from daycare again. On the way home we made a detour to a couple of local parks to play for a while. Here’s some video for Mom:

4 thoughts on “Grazing in the Grass

  1. Thanks for posting this! Always makes my day when I am away. Hope you two had a good night and have a good Tuesday.

  2. Your son is so photogenic he could be on commercials. It is fabulous that you take so many pictures of him.

  3. Henry Boy is gonna hate winter, he has so much fun outside. Unless he becomes a snow-bunny, but not near as free or fun!!! Spoken with wisdom, from a Wyoming snow-cone.

  4. Adorable video, Mark. I agree with Betty, he’s always photogenic ! Thanks for the post. Love seeing Henry just enjoying being outdoors. Gook luck being the solo parent while Jacqui’s away on business.

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