5 thoughts on “Henry Faces – July ’13

  1. He is so beautiful. Each pose shows a different side of his personality and a bit of each you and jacqui. Thanks again for sharing his life with us so far away. Love to you!

  2. Everything your Aunt Trix said above I agree with. Henry is a beautiful child and I enjoy receiving his pictures.

  3. I don’t know when Mark shot these, but they are amazing. All I can think about is how much older he looks all of the sudden. He looks like a boy rather than a baby. So crazy how fast this happens.

  4. It is true that you look at one and think “Oh man,,, that is the cutest” then you look at the next one and think “oh man, that is the cutest one” he is so sweet and cute. I love the language these convey too, like a conversation through pictures. I do really love the sleepy face in the bottom corner though, just wanna kiss his sleepy cheeks! Love him so much.

  5. Just love seeing all these different and adorable facial expressions ! Agree with Aunt Juj about the language each expressions conveys. I only saw him in person at the age of 7 weeks and even then I thought Henry had an unusually expressive face for such a young infant. Yes, he is changing so fast and growing so much, but just as cute as ever ! In fact, he gets cuter all the time. A baby’s first year seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. Thanks for the post !

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