I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Henry tried out his newly installed bike seat today. Having not ridden my bike for almost two years, this was a pretty exciting event for me as well. I wouldn’t call myself an avid bicyclist, but Mark and I used to take some pretty long rides with friends. Two of those long rides took place on Labor Day weekend in 2010 and 2011. It is a nice sort of anniversary time to get back on the bike. Once Henry gets his helmet, we will be off!

New Blocks for the Kid

Henry has had a mega-block stand for a few weeks now. Somehow the amount of blocks that came with the set seemed too sparse. We ordered him some more blocks plus a dump truck to transport the blocks. He loves the new truck and the added blocks too. It is fun to watch him concentrate intently on stacking and knocking down the blocks over and over again.

Danger Boy

I don’t know if I’d go so far to say Henry is rambunctious, but for someone who’s not yet quite walking, he easily finds trouble and danger. He’s still pretty innocent and good-natured, it’s mostly his curiosity that leads him astray. His latest mishap today involving the coffee table left him with a pretty deep cut over his eye. (He may need a cutman in his corner.)

Later we went to Brooklyn to celebrate our friend, Joyce’s birthday. As we’ve seen before, Henry was naturally drawn to the windmill with its spinning metal blades. He later took an intense interest in the poisonous bug repellant dispenser. So as parents, we’re pretty much always on defense now.