Maiden Voyage

Henry’s bike helmet arrived on Friday. I have to admit, I was a little bit tentative about taking him out for a ride. Not only is the West Side bike path busy because of speeding bicyclists and runners all clumped together, but I fear a loss of balance given the uneven distribution of weight.

Once we got going, I was fine, but Henry was apprehensive. He wasn’t too excited about the ride overall and we didn’t make it too far without him trying to slip out of the seat. I hope for a better ride next time. He didn’t like the BOB jogging stroller too much the first time and now he is perfectly comfortable on our runs.


2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Good photo – I hope both you and Henry become more used to bike riding together and that he’ll learn to love it. Of course, I always pray for safety and good health for all of you. Love, Lois

  2. This is cute, you both have a look of trepidation on your faces. But I’m glad you got your first trip under your belt and I’m sure that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Love you all!

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