Diaper Rash

Henry’s been enduring a pretty severe case of diaper rash for the past few days. Here’s a picture of Jacqui using a blowdryer to blow cool air on his butt, a remedy (or at least a treatment) suggested by his Aunt Juj.

And yes, this blog will mortify him when he’s older. In fact, from the look on his face, he’s already a little embarrassed. Or should I say, HIM-BARE-ASSED? (Thanks folks, you’ve been a great audience. Give yourselves a round of applause too!)

7 thoughts on “Diaper Rash

  1. Jacqui, there is a product called Boudreaux’s Butt paste. Don’t know whether you can get it in New York, but it will wipe out any discomfort he is having from this rash. If they don’t have it, I could send you some. Just send me your address.

  2. Thanks Betty. That is actually the paste that came highly recommended from others. We have been using it every night. Sometimes, no amount of paste is going to help, it is just that bad. It looked a little better today and we will continue to give it some air at night. We appreciate the offer though.

  3. Poor little Henry – I know all babies, sooner or later will get a bad diaper rash, but my heart always hurts whenever I know he’s going thru any sort of discomfort or pain or illness. Betty, thx so much for offering to send the Boudreaux’s Butt paste to Jacqui. That was so kind of you, my dear friend and honorary grandma to Henry! I’m glad Julie’s cool air remedy is helping Henry feel better.

  4. Actually the look on Jacqui’s face is the telling one…how determined! Ok so here is the best thing to treat bad diaper rash and will cure it in seconds ;-0 Plain old Corn Starch…the miracle in your pantry!

  5. Isla’s having the same issues lately, too. I know the medical community says there’s no link between teething and diaper rash but I’m not so sure… Butt Paste works very well. So does Triple Paste. One time her rash was yeast-based so we had to go get Lotrimin. Oy.

    • My sister said Mae has all the same symptoms too and we just agreed it was teething. There has to be some correlation. Lotrimin was recommended to me too, but I was told his was not yeast based. It is looking a little better now, but that is not saying much comparatively. I hope Isla’s is feeling a bit better. It has become a two person job to change his diaper, a wrestling match.

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