6 thoughts on “First Day of Fall

  1. Ok, that is the cutest ‘day in the life’ video I have ever seen!! It is such a gloomy day here and this really brought the sunshine in. Love him so much! Love how he is playing with those rings, the look on his face like..”I guess I will do this old thing again..” priceless face, (he is super smart! This is an award winning video, I had to show it to everyone at work. It made me want to get on a plane this very day and come watch him squeal in person.

  2. Um Dad, how bout we have a little puzzle play in the middle of the final episodes of “Breaking Bad” ! Ha love it!! P.S. Juj, I love his screams too!

  3. He is pretty darn cute. We only ignore him during Breaking Bad because the fate of Jesse and Walter is much more important. Ha ha. I love the way he puts his head on Mark’s shoulder. He is so into hugs and cuddling right now, must be his age.

  4. One of my all time favorite videos! Loved watching all Henry’s activities, especially seeing him walk more – how exciting. Also loved watching him get all excited when he saw his dad at the park, and I, too loved how at your apartment, he so willingly went into his daddy’s arms and placed his head on Mark’s shoulder – so sweet! Miss him and love him so much ! Thanks so much for putting together this wonderful video – fall is my favorite time of year and I loved watching all 3 of you enjoy a lovely fall weekend together.

  5. My friend was saying how on Sunday nights about 6:30 at night they are like “Ok, kids, time for bed!” and the kids say “Its only 6:30” and they say “Well…you can read for 8 hours we don’t care but you need to go to bed” so they can watch Breaking Bad and Dexter… (the kids are 7 and 15! LOL)

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