4 thoughts on “Henry Faces – September ’13

  1. One can tell Baby Henry receives a lot of parental care and is a very happy baby. I definitely enjoy receiving all the pictures you send. Thanks. He is a beautiful baby.

  2. I agree with Betty! Our Henry is beautiful ! I absolutely love the September faces – each one of them. What a happy little sweetheart! Miss ya’ll so much. Love, Gran Lois PS – Go Saints! 4 – 0 ! Who Dat !?!

  3. Thanks Betty and Grandma Lois. He has a bit of snot in his nose for these photos. He gets pretty upset when we touch his nose, so we try to avoid that.

  4. Oh, well, I sure didn’t notice. I agree with Betty, we can tell Henry gets lots of care and attention from ya’ll. I remember that my kids didn’t like their noses touched either and cut up a lot when they had colds and I had to clean their noses. Funny, I’d forgotten all about that !

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