Diaper Rash

Henry’s been enduring a pretty severe case of diaper rash for the past few days. Here’s a picture of Jacqui using a blowdryer to blow cool air on his butt, a remedy (or at least a treatment) suggested by his Aunt Juj.

And yes, this blog will mortify him when he’s older. In fact, from the look on his face, he’s already a little embarrassed. Or should I say, HIM-BARE-ASSED? (Thanks folks, you’ve been a great audience. Give yourselves a round of applause too!)

Maiden Voyage

Henry’s bike helmet arrived on Friday. I have to admit, I was a little bit tentative about taking him out for a ride. Not only is the West Side bike path busy because of speeding bicyclists and runners all clumped together, but I fear a loss of balance given the uneven distribution of weight.

Once we got going, I was fine, but Henry was apprehensive. He wasn’t too excited about the ride overall and we didn’t make it too far without him trying to slip out of the seat. I hope for a better ride next time. He didn’t like the BOB jogging stroller too much the first time and now he is perfectly comfortable on our runs.


Celebrating Henry

Maryellen usually has a small party for daycare attendees who are celebrating a birthday. Since Henry was not at daycare for his actual birthday, she had balloons and a candle for him today. I went to join and take some pictures. I was glad I was there because I was able to see him take the most steps he has yet and get it on camera for Mark too. Henry was definitely in his element as he showed off for the crowd gathered around to sing him Happy Birthday (his final Happy Birthday this year).

NOLA recap

We returned home yesterday after our visit to New Orleans. It was a fun trip and especially nice for Henry to meet family members he hadn’t yet and to spend time with everyone in his ancestral home. Thanks to all who hosted and helped us celebrate. Here are more photos:




P.S. Uncle Mickey taught Henry a few chords: