5 thoughts on “Saturday Sidewalking

  1. OOOOH this graffiti bkgrd is to die for. You must tell Amata and I how to get here for a portrait opp. Your little guy is going to have the best portraits in town, for sure. Little Mae was relegated to My yard with harsh lighting!

  2. Really interesting photos & video, with our beautiful Henry against the graffiti background, taxi and other city “stuff.” He’s so obviously curious about everything and everyone and wants to smile at everyone. I wondered what he could be thinking as he looked at those mannequin heads with wigs! Also, Henry’s really walking well now, even on the uneven brick sidewalk. Go, Henry! And go Saints, too of course. Ya’ll teach Henry how to say “Who dat!” along with other examples of really good grammar 🙂

  3. Mark wanted to capture something gritty for this Henry photo shoot. I think he did a great job. It was hard for me not to worry about him stepping off a curb or something of that sort. Also, at one point, he was very close to a big pile of dog poop (definitely a gritty thing about New York).

  4. I heard banksy is in New York right now doing one tag every day for the month of October, I am hoping to spot an original before it is defaced, I think Henry will be just the one to point it out first!! I

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