Bee Sting Cake

Julie was nice enough to accommodate my request to bake her recipe for Bee Sting Cake last night. I’d only recently learned of the existence of Bee Sting Cake (or Bienenstich, in German) when I tasted it at the Mercedes-Benz commissary during Octoberfest.

For those who haven’t encountered it yet, it consists of sweet yeast cakes with a custard cream filling and a caramelized honey almond topping.


3 thoughts on “Bee Sting Cake

  1. Yum – never heard of it, but it looks wonderful – just put it in an envelope and mail it to me! You two girls are such talented bakers! Did you learn from your Gram? I can only bake if Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines is in the picture. But I bet Cheryl and her girls would love to have your Bienenstich recipe, if it’s not a secret. They’re all good bakers too. I just love the name of this cake, it’s so appropriate!

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