Mae on Her Way

Just as Mae got her energy back and started feeling well again, it was time for her mom and her to head back to Wyoming. The time together is always too short. While we were happy that Mae started feeling better, Henry’s eyes were swollen and pink by Sunday evening. He was diagnosed with conjunctivitis this afternoon. So far he’s still upbeat and active—just with pink, crusty eyes. We suspect Mae’s virus was misdiagnosed and the eye drop prescription Henry received would have helped her a lot sooner.

Whatever the case, the two cousins had a nice last day together, eating lunch, playing at the park and yelling gibberish at one another.

3 thoughts on “Mae on Her Way

  1. I’m so sorry Mae wasn’t feeling well during her visit and that Henry developed conjunctivitis. I hate to think of his beautiful eyes being pink & crusted, but glad he seems to be feeling fine. I know your visit was great and it was sad for Julie & Mae to leave. When y’all visited New Orleans in Sept. and I was there, too, I cried when I had to go back to Houston. These good-byes are rough! 😦 Especially when leaving our adorable Henry boy!

  2. PS – we were out of town for the weekend and I was gone all day today, too, so thanks to Honorary Grandma Betty for calling tonite to let me know about Henry’s eye problem, which caused me to almost run to our PC to check on our boy.

  3. These are great! Something about the colors. Love and miss you all and thanks for showing us a real good time. Always enjoy the city and seeing you guys. Already look forward to coming back.

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