Trick or Treat

Henry wore his wolf costume one last time today for Halloween. He wore it to daycare, where Maryellen had a party, and kept it on when he got home to hand out candy and trick or treat for the first time in our building. All the kids in the neighborhood seemed especially jubilant this Halloween. It might be because Halloween really didn’t happen last year due to the storm, or maybe I just notice more because Henry’s involved now.

6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. In every picture that is sent , your child is so adorable. He should be in commercials. I absolutely love seeing each and every picture because I am seeing how Henry is growing up.

  2. That’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! And what a neat neighborhood. I live in “small town Laramie” and didn’t get one trick or treater. What a personality-less town I live in.

  3. I would have never thought that people trick-or-treat in their buildings. I would be the one with the no knock X on the door and a bowl in the hallway! Ha Ha! Sweet baby, now mom can hide
    it all and eat the bag herself. Isn’t that how it is done? Oh, the kids are actually supposed to get the candy themselves…hmmm my kids never knew that…Love the video and love you guys.

    • So funny, Trix and I can relate. We live in the suburbs so get lots of kids on Halloween, but I always eat almost as much as we give out. And when my kids were young, I remember checking their candy, both for safety and to grab some for myself!

  4. Here it is, over a week past Halloween and I just now got to look at Henry’s Trick or Treating video – it’s absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice. Thanks so much for allowing us all to tag along for Henry’s 2nd Halloween, but first one Trick or Treating. Henry was so cute in his wolf costume. And I loved hearing Jacqui’s & Mark’s voices, too.

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