Just Maebee…And Henry

Our initial plans included going to one park a day. We made it to the park yesterday. It is not easy to get two one-year-old’s out and about at the same time, but also Mae has been a bit under the weather since arriving. She is still a trooper though and really tries to be part every activity. We are enjoying each other’s (sometimes whiny) company nevertheless. (Picture of Julie’s Bee Sting cake to come in a later post).


Pumpkin Patch Party

Today we attended a Halloween-themed party in our neighborhood organized by the real estate company that manages our building. There was a pumpkin patch with carving and decorating stations, apple cider, snacks and music. Henry also publicly debuted his Halloween costume. Though one woman asked if he was an angry koala (?), he’s actually a ferocious wolf.

On a side note, I’m proposing that henceforth, an “Angry Koala” will be 2 oz┬áBundaberg rum, 1 oz Kahlua, 1 oz Coca-Cola and 1 oz light cream served over crushed ice.

Milestone in the Morning

Since I have been recovering from a stress fracture in my foot and wearing a boot, Maryellen has been helping to get Henry up the stairs to daycare this week. Today, Henry took initiative and climbed all the way up himself. The stairs are pretty steep, so it was somewhat scary for me to see. I was also very proud and so was he. It is amazing to watch him get more confident and try something new every day.

Henry climbs up the steep stairs to daycare.

Henry climbs up the steep stairs to daycare.