8 thoughts on “Future Voracious Reader?

  1. I just love the photo, Jacqui ! A sleeping baby, always beautiful. A sleeping baby holding a book – priceless! And Mark, you always make me laugh ! I predict Henry will indeed be a voracious reader, maybe before kindergarten – since he’s extra-smart. And when he grows up, he might even be writing books himself. Tell him Grandma Lois likes adventure & intrigue with a bit of romance thrown in. But even if he wrote about computer science (snore), I’d read every word. Love from a big Henry fan, in fact I’m electing myself president of the Worldwide Henry Fan Club 🙂 (only office I’ve ever held, but I pledge to do my best for Henry and this nation!)

    • Okay, Betty, I appoint you VP of the Texas chapter 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy following Henry’s website with all us other Henry fans! Talk to you soon.

  2. He will be like his cousin Gaige. He reads about 7 books per week. In 4th grade, reading at an 8th grade level, and he retains it.. Crazy. Beautiful Baby Henry!

  3. He might have inherited his love of books from his Mimi! Hope he doesn’t inherit any of my not-so-attractive traits. Love you.

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