4 thoughts on “Babbling Boy

  1. Thanks for all the great photos of Henry exploring different aspects of New York City. It’s such an interesting place for him to grow up. And of course I love the Saints sweatshirt – Who Dat ! Henry’s just the cutest little boy in the world ! Love him so much!

  2. How sweet to see him in motion and to hear his precious way of jibber jabbing. He can certainly balance, although I am shocked he stayed still that long! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Although I’d seen the photos, for some reason I just now saw the video of Henry balancing. This really makes me smile & I will watch it again! Loved seeing Jacqui swing Henry up for a kiss and I, too, was surprised that Henry stayed still & balanced so long, esp. since he was “talking” at the same time! Love hearing his sweet voice and seeing y’all enjoying the outdoors. Thx so much for the great post.

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