Thanksgiving 2013

We had a low-key Thanksgiving with a few friends. Henry’s Thanksgiving this year was much different than last year mainly because he was able to eat a lot of same food we were. He really liked the duck his dad made (we eat duck on Thanksgiving purely because we prefer it to turkey). He also had his first taste of pumpkin pie and liked that a lot too.

One thought on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Absolutely LOVE the family photo – one of my all time favorites! All 3 of you look wonderful! I tried so hard to print out a full screen copy, so I’d have one and so I could take copies to N.O. at Christmas and give to Grandma Virgie & Aunt Carol, who don’t have computers, but I couldn’t print it as I wished(kept printing many pages in the small version, instead of one full size page) Oh, well, my hope is maybe y’all will send out a family photo for Christmas……or at least one of our Henry boy – Pleeeeease !!

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