Too Young for Beer Pong

Yesterday I took Henry to Rokkan (my office), for the Annual Pre-Thanksgiving meal. This usually entails a lot of good food and drinking games. Henry doesn’t know how to play any of these games yet, but thought he was just one of the gang. My office mates were pretty happy to see him and amazed at how much he has grown.

Escape Artist

Here’s a photo taken last night of Henry exhibiting some of the resourcefulness and determination that would later help him climb out of his crib this morning. We’ll have to make some adjustments to the crib’s configuration to thwart his future escape plans.

Henry’s Hives

We noticed a few red spots on Henry’s back Sunday night. By Monday he had developed a case of hives all over his body. We still aren’t sure what caused them, but they’ve subsided and he’s feeling much better since this photo was taken last night.

Play Date

Today, the Lindners and the Studleys came to the city for some play time for the kids and lunch and wine for the adults.