Roosevelt Island Tram

Yesterday, Henry and I headed uptown to meet friends at Serendipity 3, a popular restaurant and tourist attraction. We were supposed to have a dessert there with Colm, Mimi and Malichai, her eight-year-old nephew who was in town from Indiana. Having never been there, we were under the impression we could just simply walk in. This, however was not the case as the restaurant has a two and half hour wait and does not allow strollers.

While our names were on the wait list we took the Roosevelt Island Tramway. I had not been on the tram since 2002 and it offers a very scenic view of the city. We never got dessert at Serendipity, but had cupcakes at a Magnolia Bakery outpost in Grand Central instead. It was a nice outing for Henry and me.

Snuggles and Teething

We haven’t posted anything for a few days because we really have not been able to do much with our Henry Boy. He had a fever for three days last week which meant he needed lots of hugging and holding. Unfortunately, this also means lots of whining. He seemed to be most comfortable in my arms while I swayed back and forth, standing up. We can only assume this is all related to teething and hope for Henry to feel better very soon.

There was a small bright spot on Saturday. Henry was all smiles when he received his Christmas gift from his Uncle Chris, a Drew Brees autographed football.

Warm Winter Walk

It was unseasonably warm today with the temperature getting up into the 60’s. So we took advantage of the mild weather with a long walk through Hudson Square, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District this afternoon.

Bean Bag Boy

Henry received an early Christmas gift yesterday, a bean bag chair for sitting in while he reads. We had him posing on the bean bag, but at some point we hope he sits in it on his own. Currently he resides on my lap most of the time. This doesn’t bother me as I know someday he will not want to hang out with either of his parents much.