3 thoughts on “Decorating the Tree

  1. What sweet photos of Jacqui & Henry decorating the tree. Henry looks happy like he knows something special is going on. Y’all are really on the ball already having your tree up. Last year Henry was here but so much smaller! Sure have enjoyed the year of photos since then. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I didn’t take a photo because my hands were full, but when I was bringing this tree into the apt, Henry opened his arms wide at the door as if he was gonna help carry it in.

    • Oh, Mark, that sounds so sweet, wish I could have seen that! I bet Henry was excited, and knew something special was going on. I can just picture the scene, so thanks for sharing. One of these days Henry really will be helping dad carry in the Christmas tree! Hope y’all are staying well, running around in this freezing cold weather. I was missing Henry (& you & Jacqui, too!) so got on the website tonite to re-visit the most recent photos. Love, Mom/Gran Lois

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