Grand Central

Friday night Henry, Mark and I took the subway to Grand Central Terminal to see a small model train exhibit at the MTA store. Henry had only been to Grand Central once before when he was about four months old and not able to explore. This time he seemed to be in awe of everything, especially the crowds. I had a sense of joy mixed with nostalgia watching him walk through the station. Grand Central is not only one of my favorite buildings in New York, but it was also a frequent meeting place for Mark and I early in our relationship.

4 thoughts on “Grand Central

  1. This is great! I love that you guys do so much exploring together. I had no idea that you met there and would love to hear that story someday. I am sure that is a magical place for a child. I love going there and people watching and the great food.

  2. I agree with Aunt Juj, I’d like to hear about y’all meeting at Grand Central Station. What a beautiful and exciting place! I hope I can see it one of these days. Henry seemed to enjoy the adventure, except for the food – he really made a face after tasting it (whatever it was!) Thanks for taking us all along on your NYC adventures with Henry.

  3. We didn’t meet there, but we used to meet up there because Mark and John worked near Grand Central. It was a central meeting place just like the name says ha ha.

    • Now that I’ve seen this video, I can see why people describe any really busy place as being “like Grand Central Station.” My mom used to say that and she’d never been to NY. The station is so huge and crowded it’s amazing anyone can find anyone else. But I’m glad you & Mark did, even if you didn’t actually meet there.

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