Bad Hair Day

I’ve known Henry’s hair was getting too long for over a month now. Mark cut a little off the back a few weeks ago, but this morning I tried to finish the job by taking some more off his bangs and the sides. This didn’t turn out so well. The key to a good haircut for children is to leave these things up to the professionals, or maybe someone who has a little bit of experience with children’s hair.

Thank goodness Maryellen offered to clean up my uneven cut and Henry’s hair looked better when he got home from daycare.

6 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

  1. That is a pretty good haircut! The dilemma with haircuts is that he looks about 3 1/2 in the second picture. Handsome and grown up.

  2. Well we all have to have that uneven cut in photos. One day he will chop a chunk out on his own and you will send him for school photos anyway. At least that is how mom did it.

  3. I was just telling Mark about the scotch tape trick! I wouldn’t be able to get Henry to sit still long enough to get the tape on.

  4. I’d forgotten about the scotch tape trick until seeing all your comments. I used scotch tape while trimming Cheryl’s bangs when she was a little girl (but not as young as Henry). I wonder if she remembers that.

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