Snuggles and Teething

We haven’t posted anything for a few days because we really have not been able to do much with our Henry Boy. He had a fever for three days last week which meant he needed lots of hugging and holding. Unfortunately, this also means lots of whining. He seemed to be most comfortable in my arms while I swayed back and forth, standing up. We can only assume this is all related to teething and hope for Henry to feel better very soon.

There was a small bright spot on Saturday. Henry was all smiles when he received his Christmas gift from his Uncle Chris, a Drew Brees autographed football.

5 thoughts on “Snuggles and Teething

  1. Me, too, Betty, hoping & praying for Henry to feel better. Agree with you about Uncle Chris loving his nephew. I have 2 photos of Uncle Chris with Henry and I can see by Chris’ joyful smile how he loves that baby! And yes, to give Henry a Drew Brees autographed football, that is a very special gift. Betty, hoping & praying for you, also to feel better. I know it’s the time of year when lots of folks get sick. God bless.

  2. Hope baby cakes is better soon. You know, you will sway for the rest of your life.. Waiting in line etc. just told Abby recently that u can always tell a mom in line because she is swaying!

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