Saturday Snow

Henry was here for the winter season last year, but he didn’t really notice the snow nor was he able to walk in it yet. We took him out during the snowstorm today and he didn’t quite understand that snow could be walked on. He was very hesitant to take steps and Mark and I had to do a lot of persuading. He really seemed to enjoy looking at it though. I tried to get him to eat some of the snow too, but he wanted no part of that. Maybe he already sensed that New York snow is eat at your own risk. It was bitter cold and we were unable to stay outside too long.

Bad Hair Day

I’ve known Henry’s hair was getting too long for over a month now. Mark cut a little off the back a few weeks ago, but this morning I tried to finish the job by taking some more off his bangs and the sides. This didn’t turn out so well. The key to a good haircut for children is to leave these things up to the professionals, or maybe someone who has a little bit of experience with children’s hair.

Thank goodness Maryellen offered to clean up my uneven cut and Henry’s hair looked better when he got home from daycare.