Henry and Friends

Henry had a relatively fun, wintery Saturday. Our neighbor, Gabriel from down the hall came over and watched a movie, and then we played in the hall (again). It is nice to have such great neighbors and all the older boys are very sweet to Henry, in an older brother way. “Aunt” Mimi came over to eat pizza later in the evening.

Cabin Fever

Because of the heavy snowfall, Henry spent most of the day inside our apartment. When I got home from work we went into the hallway for a little playtime. Soon after, Henry’s yells alerted the boys down the hall, Jake and Gabe, who are always up to play ball. After a while pretty much every kid on our floor was playing together in the hall.

Henry Kind of Learns to Draw

Today, Henry and I went to the Children’s Museum of the Arts with Emma and Egon. It is a great museum with many creative activities for kids. It was Henry’s first time drawing with markers. Egon is quite the artist already, but Henry mostly drew lines and scribbles. I am happy Emma invited us and hope to take Henry back in the future (thankfully, it is within walking distance of our apartment).

Connecticut Day Trip

Henry and I took a ride on Metro-North yesterday. We visited my old friend Sara Ingrassia. I met Sara when I posted an ad for a running partner while training for the NYC Marathon in 2004. It’s hard to believe we have known each other for ten years. Finding a good running partner is hard, but finding one that turns into a friend outside of running is even harder. We spent many early mornings in Central Park together and often reminisce about it when we see each other. Sara and her husband, Brian, moved to Connecticut after the birth of their first son.

Henry was well behaved on the train and had a great time at Sara’s. She has three boys (Luca, Noah, and Sebastian) so needless to say, there were plenty of toys to keep him entertained. I was happy to talk to another mom and catch up with an old friend.