Cabin Fever

Because of the heavy snowfall, Henry spent most of the day inside our apartment. When I got home from work we went into the hallway for a little playtime. Soon after, Henry’s yells alerted the boys down the hall, Jake and Gabe, who are always up to play ball. After a while pretty much every kid on our floor was playing together in the hall.

3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Henry is a leader and is ready to get everyone involved. That must be a lot of fun for him and all of the children involved.

  2. So great, thanks for posting! Brought a much-needed smile to my face so I watched twice. Henry’s such fun, easy to tell the other kids like being around him, and they all seem like nice kids in your bldg. Glad y’all are staying warm on these snowy days. Love y’all, Mom/Gran Lois

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