A Visit from Aunt Suzanne

My Aunt Suzanne arrived from Wyoming today. Aunt Sue met Henry in Wyoming last spring, but Henry was not feeling well at the time. He seemed to open up to her right away and we had a nice night eating out at Sole di Capri (formerly Café Capri). We hadn’t been to this restaurant since before Henry was born, so it was nice to return to an old favorite. Since there’s bitter cold here now and an expected snowstorm coming, Aunt Sue did not escape bad weather by leaving Wyoming, but we still hope to have an eventful weekend.

Slight Thaw

Today was one of two weekend days with a temperature above 40 degrees in many weeks. In celebration of this almost spring-like day, Jacob, Gabriel, Henry and I went to Washington Market Park. Henry was pretty excited to return to outside fun. I felt the same. It has been a long, long winter. Of course, these past two days were only a temporary respite as temps head back into the 30 degree range tomorrow with snow predicted for the middle of the week. After all, it is still February.

‘Til Tuesday

Henry, Ona, and I had another relatively low-key day walking in the neighborhood, visiting the library, napping, and dinner at Shake Shack (Ona’s favorite burgers). Henry also received his Valentine’s Day card from his Paw Paw today, to which he exclaimed a heartfelt “ohhhhhh” (picture below).

We will be sad to see our Ona leave tomorrow. She will be heading off to college in the fall, so this visit seemed more special.


Nice Day in the Neighborhood

Another freezing day in New York meant we were not able to do too much. Ona got a haircut and the two of us were able to have a nice lunch together while Mark watched Henry. We all spent a bit of time at Barnes and Noble so Henry could roam and read and then I made dinner. Nothing to write home about, but nice to be together for the day.

Jersey Daytrippers

Ona-Rain came into town Saturday afternoon. She will be visiting a college outside of New York on Thursday, but wanted to spend a few days with some of her favorite family members beforehand.

Henry, Ona-Rain and I traveled to New Jersey Sunday for brunch with ex-workmates, Dina and Nicole (who visited here in November). Also in attendance was Megan Ward, another ex-workmate saying farewell to New York friends as she heads to Oregon in March to try something new.

Birthday Snow Day

Today we got a lot of slushy snow so I worked from home. Later we celebrated Jacqui’s birthday with a rare dinner out at a restaurant together thanks to our friend, Mimi babysitting Henry for the night.