Skate Punks

Gabriel brought his skateboards out for Henry to try last night. Henry really enjoyed being pushed and even trying to balance on the skateboard. He also lifted it, and dropped it on his foot a few times.

The hall club is growing every night and it is just a matter of time before someone complains about too much noise. Last night, two new members joined, our neighbor’s grandson, Stephan and Leo, from across the hall. Since I have the youngest child, I end up playing with the kids because I have to keep an eye on Henry. These boys really can play, and play, and play…they don’t seem to tire easily.

5 thoughts on “Skate Punks

  1. I sure do love our little instigator! He’s the leader of the pack 🙂 I do hope no one complains and spoils the fun for the kids. Doesn’t seem like they’re causing any harm, especially with Jacqui as referee!

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