4 thoughts on “Dog Kiss

  1. Both Henry and dog look adorable. Don’t worry he’ll be a dog lover before long. Then you will have to get him his own.

  2. Cute video, cute dog and most of all cute Henry! I love how protective Gabe is with Henry. It always amazes me how many dog owners there are in Manhattan, considering that everyone lives in apartments. Betty’s right, sooner or later, Henry will want his own dog, so look out!

  3. Fred seems like an awesome dog! I love that there’s a whole city’s worth of experiences in one hallway. So cool. We will come for a visit soon.

    • Fred is a really good dog. He came to the neighborhood from the North Shore Animal League (I think that is the name of it). He is really good with kids even though Henry is still not sure how he feels about dogs. The hall has kept us semi-sane this winter.

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