Belly Slider

Yesterday Henry and I were fortunate to spend the majority of our time outdoors with temperatures reaching the mid 60’s. The slight glimpse of spring meant many happy children (and parents) at the playground. Of course, this was a tease as we are back to freezing tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Belly Slider

  1. The belly slide brought big smiles to my face, loved seeing our boy having such fun being outside and active and “talking”. Miss him so much! Miss mommy & daddy, too! Henry is still just an absolutely beautiful child! Thanks for posting ! It was cute the way he just patiently waited when another little boy and his mom delayed Henry’s next belly slide. He’s pretty good at the belly slide event 🙂

  2. Oh to be at the park with my Mae and my Henry and my Jackets with coffee in hand sounds so so wonderful, some of the best things in life! Miss you guys so much!!

  3. Yeah, he generally likes other kids, but is pretty good at being on his own too. He looks at kids and yells a lot (talking) and then just stares at them. It was a great day. I hope we have more to come soon. Today, we are back in puffy coats and freezing.

  4. Jacqui, I was looking at Henry’s picture that you took at Christmas time and I can see where he is getting taller. He is so adorable and just a beautiful baby.

  5. It is funny, I was noticing the tall too. Partly because my niece Kaylie had commented on it in one of the posts and partly because his pants from before winter are not as long on him. He also gained some weight…in the belly. Ha ha.

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