3 thoughts on “Daycare Storytime

  1. Betty, Henry was one of the babies when he started daycare in January of 2013. His buddy, Atticus was a month younger. Now, they are both trying to be big boys who try to get involved in everything. The world changes when babies are walking and talking. Henry loves it at daycare and there are many other babies now.

  2. I’m glad Henry loves his daycare and loves socializing with the other little kids. It always surprises me how many babies and small children there are in Manhattan, because when you first think of NYC, it seems like such an adult place. But I’m happy to see on the website that Henry has lots of playmates and many kid friendly places to go and things to do. As always, he’s the cutest kid of all ! (not that I’m biased in any way!) Love, Gran Lois

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